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Description :
Shetty (Jayaprakash Reddy) is a powerful mafia leader who along with his right hand, Deva (Gopichand), terrorizes people. Deva has a lover called phoolvati (Raasi) but Shetty sets his eyes on her which is not liked by Deva. In the process, Devau eliminates Shetty and becomes the leader of the mafia gang. Venkateswar (Ranganath) is a fire officer living a peaceful life with his wife and son, Seetaram (Mahesh Babu). In an incident, Deva sets the market place afire and Venkateswar rescues it with his fire fighting and at the same time he slaps Deva. Deva holds grudge against Venkateswar and sends him to jail on a framed charge of murder. Seetaram tries to rescue his father from the jaws of police but in the process, everybody starts asking him for bribe to get the work done. At the end of the day, the police officer kills Venkateswar. Seetaram along with his mother, goes on a violent rampage, decimating the people responsible for the death of his father. Can Seetaram rise to supremacy, battling corrupt officials and dangerous Deva?

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