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Description :
Watch Hindi Action -Thriller Movie - Mohre. Starring: Nileish Malhotra, Niki Aneja, Sheeba, Tom Alter, Surendra Pal, Sujeet Kumar. Director: Neeraj Pathak.
Synopsis: Indian chess champion, Tej Pratap and Russian chess ace, Kamasky are set to clash head on for the title of International chess champion. Notorious criminal bookie, Crocodile has invested huge amounts on the games. When a young woman is found murdered in Tej Pratap's boat, the police suspect Tej Pratap and Crocodile to be the prime suspects. The International police team, 'Barood' is called in to solve the murder mystery. Girls associated with Tej Pratap are murdered one by one and as the body count rises the case of the mystery killer deepens. As the Barood team scavenges for the killer, shock and twists await them. Who is playing this dangerous game of chess where everyone is a pawn?

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