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Description :
Race car driver Gopal's life turns upside down when he rescues a girl who is about to be murdered by two men. He gets into a scuffle with the two assailants letting the girl flee the scene. But Gopal gets arrested by the Police for killing one of the men. Gopal claims his innocence, but the Police state that they have evidence of his gold medal found next to the dead body. While being transported to jail, Gopal manages to escape, and is aided by a truck driver, Ganga Singh (Dev Kumar), and his sister, Manju (Kumud Chuggani). Both Manju and Gopal fall in love with each other and run from the police and a dangerous criminal, Gangaram (Jayant), who wants Gopal dead at any cost. Gopal finds himself sucked into a dangerous game where no one can be trusted and escape seems impossible. How will Gopal untangle himself from the web of lies and deceit?

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