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Description :
Shankar (Mithun Chakraborty) returns home to his mother Yashoda (Nutan), after doing jail time for a crime he committed when he was a child. Yashoda makes him promise that he will tread the path of truth and never give into crime. But to save his mother on her death bed in hospital for want of treatment, Shankar does a crime deal for the money. He save his mother but Yashoda shuns him for the criminal he has become. In the world of crime, Shankar's roots start going deeper and he meets notorious smuggler Malik (Sharad Saxena) and his daugther Sonia (Madhuri Dixit). They join hands to smuggle gold controlled by international criminal, Khan (Amrish Puri) and do away with their nemesis, Nagrajan (Gulshan Grover). As Shankar escalates to power in the underworld, the lives of his beloved hangs in balance with everyone wanting him dead or alive. Who will rise supreme in the gang war between Shankar and Nagrajan? Can Shankar evade the cops who want his crime empire to be taken down at any cost? What violent price will Shankar pay for taking a life of crime?

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