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Synposis: Shankar (Mithun Chakraborty) was jailed at the age of thirteen, when he killed his uncle, who tried to sell his mother Yashoda (Nutan) to a rich and powerful man called Khan (Amrish Puri). He was imprisoned for ten years. When he comes back home, he finds his mother and sister in poor conditions. He tries to keep appropriate behavior and make amends, but all his attempts fail, as he is widely recognized as a criminal, and he joins a group of criminals, whose leader is a generous man called Malik (Sharat Saxena). His mother, who is an honest woman, refuses to accept him like this and decides she has nothing to do with him. He meets Malik's daughter Sonia (Madhuri Dixit) and the two fall in love. Malik appreciates Shankar's faithfulness and authorizes him as his principal successor. After Malik's death, Shankar takes over and gets into business terms with Khan. Shankar and Sonia get married and move into their new house. Shankar's one and only wish is to reunite with his mother, but she refuses, and requires him to leave the crime world.

The matters get complicated and Shankar loses his way. He loses his friends in endless fights with the police, and finally when Sonia finds out that she is pregnant, she leaves him and comes to live with Yashoda. Alone and neglected, he comes back home but then his previous life persecutes him. What will be his fate in life?

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