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Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost (2003)
India is a land of a billion people, 60 percent of whom are living in over 500,000 villages spread around the country. Despite the best efforts of the Indian Rural Department about 87,000 of these villages to this date do not have electricity. "Mumbai Se Aaya Mere Dost" takes place in one such village. The film deals with a month in the life of Kanji (Abhishek Bachchan) whose innocent gift to his grandfathers recently electrified village results in laugh out loud humor, which, then, sparks a power struggle and ends up with laugh out loud humor. The modern world takes over the lives of these villages, which had been alien to them so far. The film is about the old and the new, the rural and the post - modern. At the core of the film is a simple drama of the heart, enriched with acute observations of village psychology, an acurate portrayal of the little known aspects of Indian culture.

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