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Watch Bollywood Romantic Movie - Muskurahat. Starring: Amrish Puri, Jay Mehta, Revathy. Director: Priyadarshan. Synopsis: Retired Justice Gopichand Verma lives away from his family in Ooty. The reason for splitting from his family was his illegitimate daughter Nandini. Nandini was put up in an orphanage as a baby but when she grows up she learns about Verma and sets out to find him. She goes to visit the Verma family house. But Verma's family members throw her in a mental hospital with the fear that Verma may give Nandini his whole property in his absence. Nandini manages to run away from the mental hospital and ends up in Ooty where she meets Pritam, a tourist guide. Soon they start liking each other and fall in love. Nandini starts living as a servant in Verma's house with him having no knowledge of Nandini's origins. He soon finds out that there is a mystery behind Nandini and her presence in his house. When he probes further, he finds that she is claiming to be his illegitimate daughter. He does accept her and decides to let her live there, but the Verma family has other plans. They have hired notorious hit-man Samar Khan to abduct and kill Nandini at any cost. Is Nandini really Verma's daughter? Will the Verma family succeed in their devious plot?

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