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Description :
Govinda (Govinda) lives with his mother (Anjana Mumtaz) and they struggle with poverty in their daily life. Govinda is an aspiring dancer who dreams to make it big but has the doors closed on him when seeking opportunity. Govinda's life changes when he is given the opportunity to compete with Rocky who happens to be the reigning champion of dance. Govinda triumphs in the face off with Rocky and becomes the most sought after dancer in the city. Govinda's success leads to Rocky's downfall who now vows to destroy Govinda. Meanwhile, Govinda arranges for his friend Anand's ( Raj Kiran) handicap daughter, Sonu's operation. But tragedy strikes when Anand's wife Aarti (Mandakini) dies in a accident. To shield Sonu from the shock , Govinda sends one of his dancers, Dolly who is a look-alike of Aarti to Anand's place. Dolly pretends to be Aarti to look after Sonu, while Govinda and Anand struggle to put things right since Govinda and Dolly are in love with each other. Can Govinda rise supreme in the battle with Rocky who wont rest until Govinda is destroyed? Will Govinda and Dolly triumph in their love?

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