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Naadan Ladkiyan - Bollywood Movie - 2000. Director : Azhaguraja Sundaram Cast : Oorvashi, Sona, Sindhuri, Vadivelu.
Synopsis: Madhu, Mohini, Ambika and Madhvi are childhood friends and have studied in the same school. Madhu is the daughter of the Panchayat Mukhiya in the village and loves to dress up in western clothes but her father disagrees with her. Mohini a daughter of a postmaster has the craze of watching tv but her father is very strict and scolds her to concentrate on her studies. Ambika is a simple girl who's mother is a widow and has taken care of her alone since her childhood. One day while on their way back home Madhu, Mohini and Ambika see a new girl in the village and she calls them but they refuse to meet her and go away. The next day when the three of them are in the river taking a bath this girl comes and talks to them and tells them about Mumbai. It is then that these three friends plan going to Mumbai as they have a reason of their childhood friend Madhvi getting married. The three of them are granted permission to go to Mumbai but while returning back home they decide to stay back in Mumbai for a day roam there and leave the next morning. Watch this movie to know what happens when the three of them are alone in Mumbai!

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