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Watch Bollywood Devotional Movie -- Navaratri. Starring: Asis Kumar, Ranjana, Bela Bose. Director: Asis Kumar. Synopsis: Savitri is a devotee of Goddess Durga and a staunch believer in the Hindu festival of Navratri. She lives with her father Thakur Prithvi Singh and a cruel sister in law, Lalita. Savitri falls in love with a simpleton named Ajay and they both get married. But due to Lalita's constant misdoings, they are forced to leave their home. Distraught, Savitri's father falls ill and eventually is paralyzed. Happiness enters their troubled lives with the birth of Savitri's baby boy, Kumar. Their happiness comes to a tragic halt when Kumar is poisoned during the Navratri festival. Savitri's belief and dedication towards Goddess Durga is infinite and she takes an oath to observe a fast till Kumar opens his eye. Can her belief overpower her death? Can she bring her son back to life by Gods grace?

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