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Description :
Synopsis : Aravind (Akkineni Nagarjuna), Chandru (Sumanth) and Krishna Murthy (Sudhakar) arechildhood friends and are inseparable. Chandru and Krishna Murthy are orphans, who aregenerously brought up by the parents of Aravind. By the time they reach their 20's, Aravind'ssister Amrita (Pratyusha) falls in love with Chandru. Chandru hesitates, as she is the sister of hisclose friend Aravind. Aravind and Chandru visit Hyderabad to join Krishna Murthy, who has foundsome work there. When this trio goes for a job of renovating an old palatial house, Aravind meets
a cute a girl Padmini (Bhoomika Chawla). Aravind falls in love with Padmini. When Padmini is aboutto get engaged to another guy, Chandru intervenes and announces that Padmini cheated Aravind after loving him. The rest of the film is about how the pairs of Arvind - Padmini and Chandru - Amrita get united in the climax.

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