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Description :
Raj (Raj Kapoor) and Vasanti (Vyjayanthimala) are collegians who clash when she complains to the college principle about a love letter he sent her. Later on realizing her mistake, Vasanti apologizes to Raj and they both fall in love. Vasanti lives with her widowed mother and elder sister, Geeta (Usha Kiron) who supports the family by stitching clothes. Raj rents the room upstairs in their house and soon Geeta falls in love with him. She confides her love to Vasanti, who decides to sacrifice her love for the sake of her sister and convinces Raj to marry Geeta. Raj and Geeta get married and have a son, Raja. Shortly afterwards Geeta's mother passes away, and Vasanti moves in with Raj and Geeta. Geeta notices that Raj and her son spending more of their time with Vasanti and not with her, and she starts suspecting Raj of an affair with Vasanti. Will Geeta's married life survive the test of time or Will misunderstandings sever relationships forever?

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