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Watch Bollywood Movie -- Nek Parveen. Starring: Mala Sinha, Satish Kaul, Bhavna Bhatt, Kanan Kaushal. Director: K. Sharif. Synopsis: Parveen is a devout Muslim girl who is declared a widow on her wedding night. Her in-laws consider her ominous and treat her like a slave. When they learn that she is going to be a mother they accuse her of carrying an illegitimate child and throw her out. In despair, she goes to her father's house only to find out that he is dead. In due time she gives birth to a daughter and with a view to safeguard the child's future she lets the child be adopted by her late husband's friend. Parveen works as maid in their house to look after the child. When the daughter grows up she also mistreats her mother, not knowing the truth. Will Parveen be able to survive her tragic life? Can she be saved by God's grace?

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