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Watch Bollywood Action Thriller Movie -- Paap Ki Kamaee. Starring: Mithun Chakraborty, Prem Chopra, Sangeeta Bijlani. Director: Kawal Sharma. Synopsis: Dr. Yadav and his gang members have taken control of a classified file that holds all the nation's strategic secrets. The wicked men plan to see it to crime boss Supremo and make millions of dollars. It is up to CBI officer Ahswini Kumar to find the file and put an end to Dr. Yadav and his gang. A look alike of Ashwini Kumar named Deva is hired by Dr. Yadav to kill Ashwini. Greed takes over everyone from the police to the members of the gang and everyone hatches devious plans to make the file their own. But as the chase begins a web of deceit and lies is spun which entangles everyone related to the file. Will Deva manage in killing Ashwini or will he become an imposter to gain access to the file? Will the Supremo be successful in destroying the nation?

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