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Description :
After murdering Vishal Singh and his wife, Vikral is in frantic search of their four-year old son Raja who is the sole owner of all their wealth. Raja gets whisked to safety by his guardian and his daughter Mamta (Pallavi Joshi) to a secluded spot in the mountainous region of Himalaya's. Vikral hires an assassin, Joseph (Pran) to carry out the task of finding Raja and retrieve him dead or alive. Joseph sends his four trusted men - Devaa ( Naseeruddin Shah), Jeeva, Rama and Bhima on a mission to bring back the child. The four men find the child but clash with Mamta who does her best to stop the men. Soon things take a twist when the four men have a change of heart and decide to protect the child from Vikral and his gang. Against the will of their Godfather Joseph, can the four men protect the child?

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