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Description :
Paras swooped upon the soldiers who were dragging forcibly a beautiful village girl to the King's `RANG-SHALA'. Though the girl could not fall prey to the king, Paras was declared a rebel. The Sainapati was after `Paras' life. Little did he know that Paras was his own son for whom he was in search for the last 20 years and left no stone unturned but all was in vain so far. By chance, one day, the princess came across with Paras in a forest and exchange words. But soon that meeting developed into love and both became the traveller of the unknown love land. But how could a king tolerate that ! His blue blood resolted and the Rajya Jyotishi was sent for. Looking at the horoscope the astrologer predicted that the princess would marry the greatest musician' singer of this state and her husband would be the cause of the king's death. The cunning Sainpapati arranged a `Sangit-Sammelan' and made a conspiracy to kill Paras, the greatest musician singer of state. Paras, with his sister's help Rupa was saved and now the princess became all the more firm in her determination to marry Paras. The daughter's love prevailed upon the father and the father gave in but the restless `Sainapati just when who lovers were about to unite for ever, disclosed the secret of the horoscope to the princess and the marriage could not proceed.

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