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Parvarish is a Classic Bollywood Movie. Thakur Balwant is a wealthy man and is happily married. Soon, the Thakurain informs her family about her pregnancy and after hearing such good news, Thakur's happiness knows no bounds. She successfully delivers a baby boy, but accidentally her son is left alone with another baby boy in the same cradle. Now, it becomes impossible for Thakur to differentiate amongst them. Thakur gets enraged to learn that the other child belongs to a family of dancers. He takes this piece of information as a great insult and curses his destiny. Thakurain decides to take home both the children, much to the chagrin of Thakur. She convinces Thakur by telling him that in due course of time; they will be able to identify their own blood. Will the dancer's child show his true colors after growing up?Is it right to make discriminations on the grounds of blood relations? Is family's role and education immaterial in building up a victorious spirit within young hearts?

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