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Description :
Super Hit movie Patanga (1949)
Synopsis: An astrologer had predicted that Raja is a lucky individual and would find his adult life surrounded by vehicles of all types. This prediction comes true when he gets hired as a traffic constable. One day he gets distracted by Rani, a saleswomen, which results in serious accidents, and he gets suspended without pay for one year. He contacts Rani, and together they try to find work in Bollywood movies. They do find success with Producer Natharam Gope, and get some acting roles. Raja has fallen in love with Rani, but she has met with Shyam and both are attracted to each other. This does not auger well with Purnima, Shyam's betrothed, and she decides to prevent them from getting married. Watch as events unfold that will both startle and tickle you.

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