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Description :
Shyama (Komal Mahuvakar) is an orphan living with her strict and cruel uncle and aunt. Her passion is dancing, which is frowned upon by her uncle and aunt. One day she, along with a young man named Gopal, go to see the dance by an international artiste named Veena. They ask Veena and her mentor for help to be a dancer but are shunned. The next day her uncle and aunt find out about her overnight stint and beats her up severely. Humiliated, she decides to run away with Gopal to another town in order to learn dancing at the hands of well-known Guru Kishinchand Sharma. The Guru witnesses Shyama abilities and decides to be her mentor and in this manner Shyama excels in her talents, so much so that she is asked to perform on stage in a competition with none other than Veena. Will Shyama succeed against an renowned international artiste such as Veena?

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