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Description :
Pehli Nazar Ka Pyaar - Bollywood Movie. Director : Arshad Khan, Cast : Divvij Kak, Sweety Chhabra, Ayub Khan, Arbaaz Ali, Tej Sapru, Vikas Anand.
Synopsis: Ajay (Divvij Kak) is a simple, sensitive man who lives in the lush valleys of Simla. Being the son of a wealthy family in Chandigarh, Ajay has all the riches at his disposal. His parents died at a very young age and he now is doted upon by his grandparents. However, being a simple man, he prefers living in the hills of Simla with an old couple managing their tourist taxi business, instead of the ancestral home in Chandigarh. One day, in a chance encounter he meets and rescues Anju (Sweety Chhabra), an NRI visiting India with her friends. As he takes them around the beautific locations of Simla, Ajay is drawn to Anju and falls in love with her. However, his dreams are shattered when Anju tells him that she is engaged to Rahul! Ajay is further distraught when Rahul comes to join Anju on her trip! Will Ajay be able to win her over? Or will Rahul the arrogant industralist destroy Ajay?

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