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Description :
Krish (Ram) is a spoilt brat who looks for an easy way to earn money and fame. He woos a girl named Manju (Sheela) who happens to be the daughter of Politician Simhachalam (Mukesh Rishi). Krish's only intention is to become rich by marrying her and doesn't have any feelings towards her. He also meets a girl called Meenakshi, aka Meenu (Hansika Motwani); an falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Simhachalam and Shinde (Pradeep Rawat) run against each other in a presidential election in Delhi. Shinde is a man of misdeeds. Shinde tries to find faults in Simhachalam's personal life so that he can expose him in front of the high command of the party, so that his route will be clear to get the party ticket. Shinde comes to learn that Simhachalam has another wife (Sita) and a daughter who live in Hyderabad. He sends his men to find them. The story takes a twist when its found that Meenu is the daughter of Simhachalam from his other wife. With whom will Krish tie the knot? Who will win the political battle?

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