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Description :
Phulwari is a Bollywood Movie, directed by Mukul Dutt, starring Debashree Roy & Shashi Puri.
Synopsis : Lali, the beautiful spoiled daughter of Chowdhary Saheb is the town's heart throb. Among her suitors are the local Mohan and Ravi and the rich Prakash from Bombay. Lali, unimpressed by these suitors, spends her time flitting from hobby to hobby. Lali's family grows very fond of Rajiv, the new Welfare officer, but Lali unimpressed as usual, even humiliates Rajiv occassionaly.On Lali's birthday party the gathering is disturbed by the arrival of some Adhivaasis, one of whom has been bitten by a mad dog. Rajiv rushes to his aid, but Lali, disliking this instruction, voices her disfavour. Unable to bear this, Rajiv gives Lali a sound tongue lashing. Soon, to everyone's surprise. Lali's pride disappears. Her father fixer her engagement with Rajiv. Two days before the engagement, when Lali goes to meet Rajiv, she is shocked to see Mangli, the Adivaasi girl who keeps house for Rajiv's arms on the river bank.At the engagement ceremony, Lali refuses to be engaged to Rajiv and insults him saying that he was after her wealth. She does not mention what she saw. One day Mangli comes to meet Lali. Lali is shocked when Mangli tells her that seeing Lali coming that day, she had rushed to call Rajiv. In her hurry she had fallen off the bridge into the river. Rajiv had rescued her. She had been unconscious when Lali saw her in Rajiv's arms. Lali now realises her blunder. She searches for Rajiv, but he has gone away. Finally, she goes on a pilgrimage. Still not finding Rajiv, she jumps into a river to commit suicide. People rescue her and a woman brings Lali to her Dharamshala. This woman is no other than Rajiv's mother. So Lali's pilgrimmage bore fruit, and she was united with her Rajiv.

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