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Description :
Chandan is rushing to his home-town from Bombay to be beside his long-ailing father, Lala Baijnath, whose illness has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. Chandan's college friend, Prakash (Manoj Kumar) accompanies him. Reaching the outskirts of the town, Prakash is shocked to learn that the mansion he is visiting is haunted and Lala Bahinath, is suspected by the town of having murdered a beautiful young woman on the day of full moon. It is believed that the spirit of the murdered woman, Rani haunts the mansion to this day and Prakash is left curious as well as intrigued. Prakash meets Chandan's sisters, Jyoti and Nandini but before a love triangle acquires any dimensions, the unexpected happens. Prakash, in the dead of the night, begins to hear a woman's voice singing and soon Prakash is captivated by the charms of an elusive spirit, Rani. With Lalaji's nurse murdered and every relative wanting a stake in the property, things take a dark turn where no one can be trusted and everyone is a suspect. What shocking secrets does the mansion and its inhabitants hold? Who murdered the nurse? Will Prakash solve the mystery of the haunting or will he become a pawn in a sinister scheme?

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