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Description :
Leela and Deepak are engaged to each other and are in love also. They eventually get married. In order to better his career, Deepak goes to the big city to educate himself. Sad news about accidental deaths in his family, get him back to the village. Upon his return, he is horrified to find that his wife is now the village goddess, Maa Choksha, ordained by the local priest, Nimi Pandey, the Choudhary, and member of India's ruling party, Bacha Babu. Deepak's attempts to meet with Leela are in vain. He does manage to get Leela to run away from the temple's vicinity, and it is then he comes to know the horrifying truth as to how Leela became the reincarnation of a Hindu Goddess. Leela is captured back, and Deepak is unable to meet with her, so he ends up kidnapping Nimi in order to secure the release of Leela. However, this attempt backfires, and shoot to kill orders are issued to apprehend Deepak, who, now on the run from the law, realizes that the entire government machinery is against him from finding out the truth behind this deception.

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