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Watch Bollywood Romantic Movie -- Preet Ki Dori. Starring: Tanujaa and Ajay Sahni. Director: Satish Kumar. Synopsis: Govind lives a wealthy lifestyle in Pritampur with his widowed mother. While on a hunting trip, Govind is rescued from a snake by a beautiful girl named Radha. Soon both fall in love with each other. Radha comes from a poor family. Her father, Madhav Chaudhary, approaches Govind's mother with marriage proposal. But Govind's mother rejects the proposal and humiliates Madhav. Soon Govind and his mother re-locate to the city where she plans to get him married to wealthy Reeta, the only daughter of Dayal Singh. Meanwhile a heartbroken Radha must now ready herself to be married to the wicked money-lender, Banke Bihari. Will Govind and Radha be together? Will true love triumph over the social odds?

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