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Super hit Movie Prem Aggan (1998)

Synopsis : "Feroz Khan" is an intense drama of love and betrayal. Set in India and Australia the film explories the world of Suraj and Sapna. A young couple who like all young couples, believe their love to be eternal. Sapna was a daredevil, highly spirited and totally carefree. She derived excitment from life by taking risks that were some times dangerous. She afforded this attitude as she was the only daughter of J.K.A.Global Business Tycoon who totally indulged her and whom she shared a very close relationship. Suraj on the other hand was calm,cool, and collected. He had met Sapna. The girl of his dreams, while studying at University. Together they made the perfect couple. IF Sapna was carefree then Suraj was logic and reason. If she needed to catch up with her studies then he would help her. His love for her knew no bounds even the risks she took some time got him into trouble.
J.K. had never approved of their relationship as he had grand plans for his daughter to be married to a person befitting their social stature to which Suraj did not and could not belong as he was the son of an army colonel. At the same time he did not wish to put an abrupt end to their relationship as he was afraid Sapna would rebel against him. Instead he waited patiently and finally one day, in a dramatic turn of events, he got the opportunity he desired and shattered Sapna and Surajs hopies and dreams of spending the rest of their lives together. He also in Sapnas extreme moment of weakness forced her to betray Suraj and emmigrate with her family to Australia. Suraj was unable to comprehend Sapnas sudden departure. He did not believe that a love so pure and with so many promises could end so suddenly. Dejected with everything around him, he knew he would never find peace until he found out why the girl he loved more than his own life had betrayed him. Selling his dearest possession. A motorcycle given to him by his father, he managed to raise the money he needed in order to go to Australia. Upon his arrival there he discovered the truth behind Sapnas sudden departure and now there was nothing in the world that would stop him from uniting with his love, even it meant facing the wrath of J.K.

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