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Pritam (Shammi Kapoor), is a young man who in desperate need of a job to pay for his ill mother's treatment. He finds out about a job tutoring two young women and two school going children but the catch is that their guardian, Sita Devi Verma (Lalita Pawar) will only hire an old man for the job. Pritam puts on a disguise as an old man and takes up the job. Sita Devi Verma is the guardian of the young women whose parents have recently died. She is very strict and her relationship with the young women is very tense. While Pritam's young avatar is romancing Neena (Kalpana), one of his students, his old avatar is romancing their guardian, Sita Devi. What comic situations will Pritam get into with his disguise?What will happen when Sita Devi finds out about the truth?

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