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Watch Qaidi - Bollywood Movie. Producer : Randeep Arya, Sunil Bohra, Director :T. L. V. Prasad, Cast :Roshni, Mithun Chakraborty, Archana, Nirmal Pandey .
Synopsis: Mithun Chakraborty plays a double role in this action packed film 'Qaidi'. Kali (Mithun Chakraborty) is a criminal who is in prison. He is a threat and the police are doing everything to prevent him from sneaking out. But being a professional at his work he manages to cheat the police force and run away.Now Kali and his accomplice Majethia (Nirmal Pandey) plan a bank robbery. Kali manages to rob the bank even in the presence of police. In midst of another brawl Inspector Jadhav manages to get hold of Kali and is about to shoot him when his senior inspector intervenes to reveal that he isn't Kali, but CBI officer Ravi Verma, a Kali look-alike on a secret mission. The real Kali is in a vegetable state in the hospital. A flashback reveals that Ravi is set out to take revenge of his son's death from Kali. Thus he is helping the police and himself in a way. Things get ugly when Kali regains consciousness and escapes from the hospital disguising himself as CBI officer Ravi Verma and starts living with his family. When Ravi's family comes to know the truth they panic. Ravi's sister and wife are kidnapped by Kali. Now will Ravi be able to save his family from the killer of his son?

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