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Description :
The King finds himself surrounded by traitors which include his own trusted men, Bhavani Singh (Ajit), and Ranjeet(Madan Puri) who plot to overthrow him. The King's loyal employee, Samadh Khan (Raaj Kumar), and the King's brother-in-law, Arjun Singh (Pran), come to the resucue of the kingdom, but events take an unfortunate turn when the King's newborn son is abducted for which Samadh Khan is held responsible and is brander a traitor. The abducted newborn price ends up in a local gypsy band and grows up as a gypsy, Suraj (Kamal Hassan). Arjun gives his own son to the distraught Queen which she accepts. But Bhavani finds out about this, and switches his son with that of Arjun Singh. Years later, the Prince, Shamsher Singh (Raj Kiran), has grown up, and like Bhavani is a tyrant and inflicts all kinds of atrocities on the people in the region. Arjun attempts to intervene, but is branded a traitor, and imprisoned. Will the real Prince surface to take control of the Kingdom and put an end to the traitors? What dangerous game will be played in the quest for the throne?

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