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Five year old Rahul (Yash Pathak) and his father Akash Sharma (Jatin Garewal) are more friends than father son. They do everything together and don't seem to feel the loss of anyone not even his mother who had abandoned Rahul five years back. But one day Rahul discovers that his mom Neha (Neha) is not evil as he had thought her to be. And hence he decides to meet her. Upon meeting his mother, Rahul becomes convinced that Neha too loves him unconditionally and always did. She wants to be with him but not with his father. Meanwhile, Akash is readying to marry Sheela (Rajeshwari Sachdeva) while Neha is being wooed by Naveen (Mahesh Thakur). So Rahul and his friend Isha decide to bring his parents together in whatever way possible. Will Rahul and Isha succeed in bringing together his parents? Or they will move on with their life irrespective of what Rahul feels about the whole episode?

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