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Hindi Movie Ram Jaane (1995).

Synopsis: Ram Jaane, based on the Hollywood film Angels With Dirty Faces, is the story of a street urchin who is called Ram Jaane (God knows) since no one knows his real name. While Ram Jaane is lewd and violent, his friend Murli represents the goodness in humanity, and his childhood friend Bela is innocent, caught in between the two poles of morality. In the course of time, Ram Jaane (Shah Rukh Khan) becomes a criminal and Murali (Vivek Mushran) turns out to be a moral custodian of the street urchins. His Apna Ghar becomes a house for the homeless. When Ram Jaane comes out of the jail, Murli forcibly brings him to Apna Ghar hoping to reform him. However, what cheers RJ is the proximity of Bela (Juhi Chawla) after whom he lusts, being incapable of love. Though Bela is only being friendly towards him, Ram Jaane mistakes it for reciprocated love, not knowing that Bela loves Murli. Murli is aware of Ram Jaanes passion for Bela so he hides his feelings for her and pretends not to love her.

The presence of Ram Jaane in the basti affects the children in a manner Murli hadnt foreseen. Ram Jaanes flamboyant lifestyle begins tempting the young boys to follow in his footsteps and they start idolizing and imitating him.

To save the basti from the land-grabbing villains (Gulshan Grover, Pankaj Kapoor, Puneet Issar), Ram Jaane commits a crime, in the process involving two of the destitute boys. This invites the wrath of the police and unleashes a chain of events that costs the life of one of the basti children, Poltu.

Murli blames Ram Jaane for the tragedy and they part company. However, Murli forces Bela to continue to see Ram Jaane as she is the only one who can reform him. Bela may have been successful in reforming Ram Jaane, but for the wily ways of the villains. It is alleged that Murli is training criminals in Apna Ghar for Ram Jaanes gang and all financial aid to the project is stopped. The children begin to stray when one lakh rupees arrive in cash.

Murli knows from where the money has come, and he confronts Ram Jaane and finally the daggers are drawn between friends. Bela saves Murli from Ram Jaanes violence by revealing Murlis sacrifice of her for Ram Jaanes sake. Ram Jaane is angry when he learns that Bela does not actually love him and all hope for his reformation is lost. But even in dying, he accepts Murlis plea not to die in such a way as to become a martyr and hero to the children and does his final act of service to those around him.

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