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Watch Bollywood Movie Ram Ki Ganga. Director : Sharankumar Chand, Cast : Om Puri, Neeta Mehta, Om Prakash, Vijayendra Ghatge, Sulochana Bindu.
Synopsis: Ram Ki Ganga is the story of poor Ramdas (Om Prakash) who resides with his ill wife (Sulochana), polio-affected son and young daughter Savitri. He asks for extension in his job as he is about to retire, but his request is rejected and he is almost forced to marry off his daughter to a rich old man in return of some money.
Shaken at this thought, however, he plans to pay a prostitute, Ganga (Neeta Mehta), to pose as his daughter and marry the old man. Thus he'll save his daughter and also get the money. But soon guilt gets the better of him and he adopts Ganga as a daughter. Unfortunately, Ramdas dies and takes a promise from his wife to accept Ganga as their daughter. Ganga does everything that she can to bring money into the house and be a dutiful daughter. She saves Savitri from entering into the flesh trade. She manages to get a job at Arun's (Vijayendra Ghatge) place as a model for his paintings. In this way she earns well for her family. But the family does not know that she is a prostitute. When the truth is finally revealed, will her family accept her?

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