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Ajay Malhotra (Jeetendra) is married to Indu (Amrita Singh), the daughter of powerful businesswoman, Suchitra Singh. They have two daughters, Pooja and Kajal, but soon their marriage crumbles due to clash in personal and business life. On separation, Ajay takes Pooja with him while Kajal stays with Indu. Indu runs a successful business but a strike from the employees in the company leads the board of directors to oust her and elect a new Chairman - who is none other than Ajay Malhotra. Pooja ( Ayesha Jhulka) confides that she loves a fellow collegian, Yogi Joshi (Kamal Sadanah), and Ajay arranges her marriage with him, only to find out that Yogi loves Kajal (Divya Bharati), his other daughter. How will the the love triangle between Pooja, Ajay and Kajal play out? How will Ajay Malhotra untangle his complicated life involving his daughter and estranged wife?

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