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Watch Bollywood Romantic Movie - Roohi. Starring: Zarina Wahab, Mazhar Khan, Asha Sachdev, Meena Rai, Mukesh Khanna. Director: S.U. Syed. Synopsis: Vijay is a painter who has a vision of a beautiful woman he is going to marry. He soon paints his dream girl on a canvas and takes the painting with him to Kandaghat, Himachal Pradesh, to visit his wealthy friend, Prakash. Prakash lives with his lover Shalu and openly welcome Vijay to stay with them. A few days later Vijay meets a village girl, Sajjo, who coincidentally happens to be the very image of his dream-girl. Both fall in love with each other, and he starts calling her 'Roohi'. Little does Vijay know that Sajjo has two other admirers; one is Sangha and the other is none other than Prakash. Sangha wants to wed Sajjo, and will kill anyone who dares to even eye Sajjo. Prakash is set to do anything in his power to make Sajjo his. Can Vijay and Sajjo surpass the two men and succeed in love? How far will you go to get what you want?

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