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Description :
Synopsis-This is in the same genre with Indiana Jones but more tongue-in-cheek.
There's a scene where Alan and Jesse are captured by cannibals who plan to boil
them up for dinner. The big round kettle must be ten feet in diameter. Far bigger
than anything ever seen in Europe or America where big iron kettles are made. If you
really like this film category, I would say see it and judge for yourself.
Just want to add something interesting from the book King Solomon's Mines which I
really enjoyed. H Rider Haggard mentions that on Safari in Africa favorite delicacies
enjoyed by European hunters are giraffe leg bone marrow, elephant heart, and
ostrich liver. Elsewhere I later read that other favorites are cross slices of elephant
trunk pan fried with ostrich eggs. Since an elephant once befriended me, eating them
seems to me like eating a dog or horse, secondary cannibalism. But thinking about
the other food items makes me feel hungry.

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