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Description :
Feared by many, a wealthy old man named Saamri, lives alone in his huge mansion and is known for his magic and exorcism. Saamri realizes that his end is near and summons his lawyer and wills his entire estate to his niece, Anju. But when Taklifchand, Saamri's step-brother, finds this out he plans to murder Saamri and take control over the estate. Taklifchand together with a young woman, Maria, a hotel owner, Khanna, professor Chatterjee, and others, kill Saamri. They throw his body in the river, and cover up the murder. With the case closed, Taklifchand and the others must eliminate Anju and keep the wealth and estate for themselves. Before they could carry out their sinister plans, one by one they start dying horrible deaths. Saamri has arisen from the grave to hunt down his murderers, and wont stop until he drains the blood of everyone responsible.

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