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Watch Bollywood Movie Saathi. Director : Sridhar, Cast : Simi Garewal,Rajendra Kumar,Vyjayantimala.
Synopsis: It is a love triangle. Ravi is a doctor who returns from America. Ravi is an orphan and is brought up by Rajni's parents, Rajni loves Ravi. But Ravi loves another girl named Shanti. And when they come to know Ravi loves someone else they are all heart broken especially Rajni. Ravi is very guilty of it and he finds the right time to repay it but Rajni's father refuses to it. And then Ravi gets married to Shanti and they are happy with each other but after some time they know that Shanti is suffering from cancer and she goes away from Ravi's life and Ravi consideres that she is dead and he gets married to Rajni but Shanti returns to his life and realizes that he is married and has become blind so she becomes his nurse. And in the meantime they come to know that she is originally Shanti but till they realize this Shanti has already left his home. Will Ravi be able to find Shanti?

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