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Description :
Synopsis : Guru Moorthy (Joseph Vijay) is an athlete and business management
student. Abhinaya (Shriya Saran) is the daughter of a business baron (Ashish
Vidyarthi). They meet and fall in love. Guru sees scenes which are bizarre and
disturbing; and worse, they become true in real life. A psychiatrist (Dr. Rudran)
confirms that it is an Extra Sensory Perception and says that the images
visualized by Guru would actually happen sooner or later. Unfortunately Guru
visualizes a scene where he stabs Abhinaya. Sensing that he poses a danger to his sweetheart, he runs away from her to Mumbai. In
Mumbai he stumbles upon a person who is his look-alike. Before he catches up the man, Prasad (Joseph Vijay) Guru meets an accident. In
the meantime, the new man moves to Chennai. Stylish and carefree, Prasad, the Guru look-alike, is a greedy person who does anything for
money. He is a womanizer and enjoys life. He meets Dhanalakshmi (Namitha) during his travel to Chennai and sleeps with her and
abandons her subsequently. Abinaya mistakes him for Guru and brings him to her house. Sensing his opportunity, Prasad decides to act as
Guru and intends to marry the rich Abhinaya. The real Guru comes back and tells everyone the truth. But no one is ready to believe him, as
he is outsmarted by the wicked Prasad at each and every stage. Finally the truth prevails, but not before a tense battle between the two.
During the battle, when Guru tries to kill Prasad, he accidentally stabs Abhi. Guru tries to take Abhi to the hospital but Prasad knocks him
out and changes into Guru's clothes so he will look like Guru in front of Abhi. Abhi recovers at the hospital and thinks Prasad is Guru again.
At the hospital she tells him how much she hates Prasad and how much she loves Guru. When Prasad hears this he feels guilty for what he
did and tells her he is not Guru. Guru suddenly comes into the room, and Prasad leaves as a reformed man. As Prasad walks away from the
hospital, Dhanalakshmi appears saying she is pregnant and its twins. Prasad and Dhanalakshmi come together.

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