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Watch Hindi Action Movie -- Sabse Bada Khiladi. Starring: Vijay, Shriya Saran, Namitha, Santhanam. Director: Bharathan. Synopsis: Guru is an athlete who meets with a rich girl named Abhi and they fall in love. Suddenly Guru has extrasensory perception and visualizes some bizarre scenes in his mind which become true in real life. Unfortunately, Guru visualizes a scene in which he stabs Abhi and sensing that he poses a danger to his love, he runs away from her to Mumbai. In Mumbai he stumbles upon Prasad a look alike of himself. Prasad is wicked man who does anything for money. He lands up in Chennai and Abhinaya mistakes him for Guru and brings him to her house. Sensing his opportunity, Prasad pretends to be Guru and intends to marry the rich Abhi. Now Guru must prove his identity to everyone and save Abhi before it's too late. Will Guru be successful in unmasking the imposter?

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