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Description :
Brothers Raja (Sanjay Dutt) and Rahul (Aditya Pancholi) live in a small town in Himachal Pradesh with their widowed mother, Sharda. Ironically, Raja and Rahul fall in love with the same girl, Chinar (Neelam). Raja loves Chinar and shows his love in his own style, but Chinar misunderstands this, for she has given her heart to Rahul. Soon misunderstandings galore, and when the truth comes out in the open, it causes considerable friction between the brothers. Taking advantage of the fall out between the brothers, Thakur Bhanu Pratap and Mama advance to make Chinar their own. Meanwhile, Sharda tells her sons that Thakur Bhanu Pratap killed their father and they must unite and fight to serve justice. Will Raja and Rahul give up their differences to avenge their father's death? Can they survive the wickedness of Thakur Bhanu Pratap? Who will marry Chinar and who will sacrifice their love?

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