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Description :
A small town in the Indian valley is run by a pack of corrupt officials who wont work unless they are bribed. The pack of corrupt officials include, Deputy collector, Hare Murari along with Police Superintendent, Pasupathi; a doctor, a forest officer, a principal, a Judge and Professor Rampyare. When they learn that a senior officer is coming on a secret inspection to their town, they assume it to be Prem Pratap (Dev Anand). In reality Prem Pratap happens to be an actor with a traveling drama company. Subsequently, Hare Murari and the corrupt officials conclude that Prem Pratap is a Government Official who has come incognito to investigate and expose them. Their fears worsen when they find out that Prem Pratap has been speaking to the President of India. Now the corrupt pack comes together to try and portray themselves as honest and law-abiding citizens. Can the corrupt officials be successful in pulling off the stunt? How will the comical mayhem play out to change the lives of the people in the town?

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