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Description :
After losing both her parents, Sayee (Sai Tamhankar) goes to live with her cousin Urmila ((Shilpa Tulaskar) and her husband Shrikant ((Tushar Dalvi) in Pune. Urmila promises to Sayee's mother that she will make all arrangements of Sayee's marriage, after her death and they assume Sayye's full responsibility as her guardians. Urmila and Shrikant, who had gone through love marriage, are completely unaware with a typical Maharashtrian arrange marriage system. So they start searching for a right match. They come across 'Kande Pohe', a new matrimonial search, equipped with the latest technology and marketing techniques. Sayee finds Aaditya (Santosh Juvekar) in there and they both fall in love with each other. Just before finalization of their marriage, Sayee reveals her past affair with a man named Aniket (Shreyas Talpade) and also had given birth to his child. Can Aditya accept her past? Will the society accept their marriage?

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