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Description :
Watch Sarfarosh - The Burning Youth - Bollywood Movie. Producer : Anil Arora, Chandra B. Verma, Director :Anil Krishna, Cast : Charan Raj, Ravi Kale, Diya, Kalyan Ram .
Synopsis: The story rotates around Pratap (Kalyan Ram), an angry young student who gets aroused by inequities around him. Prakash (Ravi Kale) and his brother Thambi are hardened criminals. Their violent writ runs all over. Obviously Pratap runs into them. Pratap kills Thambi. So Prakash is thirsting for revenge. Meanwhile, Pratap falls in love with Diya, she is the daughter of Raghunath (Charanraj), a big crook of the society. Raghunath is impressed with the boldness of Pratap and agrees to marry his daughter to him. In the meantime, Pratap comes to know that Raghunath has been trying to eliminate him. Lets us watch the movie to know how Pratap manages to ward off the evil forces. There is a touching sentimental thread woven around the revenge plot.

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