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Description :
Sargam (1979) a love story.
Synopsis : Hema is beautiful & alluring. There is an exciting intoxication in her walk and at the sound of the music of her anklets, trees begin to swing and sway, Leaves flutter, flowers open their budsand and dance to the sounds of anklet. The gay season of summer too joins in the merry parrade. The countryside sings a melody of love. Hema hears it all. Hears it, but she doesnt talk.
Her cruel inhuman step-mother beats her up mercilessly, but Hema says nothing. Uncontrollable sobs choke the throat of her hapless. With full of unshed tears, she bears it all in painful silence. The step-mother even arranges to sell Hema like cattle to a butcher, but Hema says nothing. She cannot say anything, for Hema is Dumb.
But Raju who plays the "Daffli" drums sings to his heart connect. Round and about the lush-green valleys and dales, selling joy happiness and dreams, always keeping within close proximity of Hema. But will the dreams which Raju has painted for Hema in a song, music and rhythm, ever come true. SARGAM is a story of love, strange but beautiful..... story that touch and throb, heal and sooth every lovers heart.

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