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Description :
This is a classic tale of how a woman's true devotion and faith can change the harshest of fate and written destiny. Once King Kirti Sen gets trapped in a storm and gets grivieoulsy injured. He is nursed back to health by a poor Brahman. One day Kriti Sen meets Chitragupta's help Vidhatri who tell him that the Brahman's son will die at the age of seven from a snake bite during his weeding. Kirti Sen is disturbed by the news and makes all arrangements to make sure that the Brahman's son survives. But despite Kirti Sen's best efforts the boy dies of a snake bite. Kirti Sen asks the Brahman to not burn the boy's body for an year so that he can find a way to bring back the dead boy. Meanwhile a Princess's named Anjana argues with her father on the matter of fate versus faith which leads to her father's wrath. The King makes her marry a leper and banishes her from the Kingdom. Ironically the leper is none other than Kirti Sen who failed in his attempts to being back the snake that bit the Brahmans son. Now both souls who are defying fate at their will, pose a threat to the writings of Chitragupta. Chitragupta and Vidhatri must now plan to prove their point that no human is true master of their fate. How will Kirti Sen and Anjana survive the tests put forth them? Can they succeed in proving that fate can be changed with faith?

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