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Description :
Satyapriya (Dharmendra) studies Engineering and is close friends with fellow collegian, Narendra (Sanjeev Kumar) in pre independent India. Satyapriya values the truth above all else and lives life with honesty and integrity. During his first assignment as an engineer, he meets Ranjana (Sharmila Tagore) who is preyd upon by a debouched Prince, the employer of Satyapriya. Despite the obvious awareness that Ranjana loves him, Satyapriya hesitates in rescuing her, letting her become prey of the morally corrupt Prince. The incident shakes the moral foundation of Satyapriya who has betrayed his conscience and to redress the mounting guilt he marries Ranjana. Later Satyapriya takes up a number of jobs, but due to his convictions he is uable to settle down in a corrupt and unjust work environments. Satyapriya gets shunned by his grandfather for marrying Ranjana who is daughter of a courtesan. Narendra and Satyapriya meet each other which lead to confrontation when Narendra instructs Satyapriya to compromise with his ideals. In a world plagued with corruption, discrimination and lies, can Satyapriya hold on to his belief of absolutism?

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