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Description :
Raj Divekar (Raj Babbar), an honest police officer is murdered by the vile plan of Bhawani Chowdhury (Alok Nath), who along with corrupt policeman, Singhal is the center of criminal activity in the city. Raj's wife Shobha, (Hema Malini) is a courageous journalist who refuses to tolerate any kind of injustice and vows to expose the criminals. Deva (Raja Bundela), Raj's brother, decides to follow in the footsteps of his brother and joins the police force in order to arrest the culprits. Tabrez Khan (Pankaj Kapur), an orphan, close to Raj's family enters the race to bring down Bhawani Chowdhury's crime empire after his love, Bilkees is raped by them. To serve justice and quench their thirst for revenge, Shobha, Deva and Tabrez defy law to ravage the traps set for them and annihilate Bhawani Chowdhury's crime empire.

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