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Description :
Professor Brij Mohan Agnihotri (I.S. Johar) and his student Ramesh (Joy Mukherjee) have taken a vow never to marry or to get entangled in any love affair. For the professor, who was in his mid-forties, it is not a very difficult decision to make but the youthful Ramesh finds its hard to stick to this ordeal. Ramesh meets Poonam (Saira Banu),and instantly falls in love with her. But the Professor too is left enchanted by Poonam's beauty and falls in love for the first time in life. The professor changes his appearance and attempts to woe Poonam, but must remove Ramesh from his path. Both men formulate wacky approaches to get Poonam but with ugly villain's surfacing in their lives, who will get the girl?

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