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Description :
This drama opens with a college scene where Chinnappa Reddy's
son Ashok is studying. He is good friends with Surya (Saikiran) and Swathi
(Seema). Surya is the son of an honest minister (Raghunatha Reddy). One
fine day Ashok and Swathi decide to go to Palnadu. Ashok's mother (Kavita)
is highly concerned about her son's safety. That is when the reference to the
name of Kasi Reddy is made.
A flashback follows, which is the main story of the film that narrates
Chinnappa Reddy's story, till he is brutally attacked by Kasi Reddy's men.
Realizing he cannot escape this ruthless attack, he stabs himself to death.
Elders realize after the mayhem and make an effort to put an end to these senseless faction fights.

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