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Watch Bollywood Movie Shapath. Director : Rajiv Babbar, Cast : Ranjeet, Raza Murad, Jackie Shroff, Mithun Chakraborty, Shakti Kapoor, Gulshan Grover, Harish, Kader Khan, Karina Grover, Rami Reddy, Ramya Krishna, Salim Ghouse .
Synopsis: Shapath is an action oriented movie where corrupt politicians stand exposed by the main protagonist of the movie. Basically it has a lot of action in the movie. It shows that how some corrupt politicians try to spoil the state by their connections with the underworld. Kishan is an Inspector who lives along with his brother named Rahul. He loves a girl who is the daughter of a politician, Dindayal Mantri, is whereas Rahul loves a girl named Neena. The city is being held to ransom by corrupt politicians who openly associate with gangsters and dons like Chaurasia, and many more. When Inspector Kishan attempts to arrest Chaurasia, he is warned by his superior, ACP. Rahul witnesses a murder being done by Chaurasia's goon, Surya, but before he could do anything, he himself is killed. An enraged Kishan goes to kill Surya, but is prevented by thugs. Then Kishan is suspended from the Police Force, takes a vow to avenge his brother's death, and this is when he will be thrown into a conflict, not only with the underworld, the Police, but also against Surya himself.

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